Surfacing by SofSurfaces

This all comes down to what performance measure you desire.

Require: 10 year warranty for fall height protection to remain less than 1000 HIC

Require: 10 year warranty for materials and construction

Require: 10 year warranty that tiles will not separate, buckle or spread apart

We can provide all of the necessary specifications to make this expensive investment last you a minimum of 10 years.

If you want a cheaper product - maybe a year or so warranty - sorry - not us.

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Brochure 2010.pdf Brochure 2010.pdf
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Tongue and Groove -  tiles are guaranteed to not separate for 10 years -

* if installed by SofSurfaces certified installer

Creative cutting, ramped edging

Surfacing by Zeager Brothers

RecGrass - Synthetic Turf

Woodcarpet - Engineered wood fiber

Bonded Woodcarpet - maximum accessibility for trails

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WoodCarpetBrochure 2010.pdf WoodCarpetBrochure 2010.pdf
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Bonded Woodcarpet - outstanding where you want maximum access

Check out the REC-GRASS at the Goldman Center below

Haverhill Head start in MA