Rocks & Ropes - nature-based play at its best

Rocks & Ropes are solid - not that GRFC  stuff

By introducing the steel cable/rope system - triples the play value

Monoliths - ages 5-12 - pure climbing - easy to very hard - challenging by choice

Roamers for ages 2-5 - simply awe-inspiring - interesting - so cute!

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Click on the PDF file below to learn about the many features and benefits our our SOLID PolyFiber rock dmaterials - over the GRFC "fake" rocks!

polyfibercrete vs gfrc.pdf polyfibercrete vs gfrc.pdf
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Nets and/or Rope Traverses -  Adds another dimension

Check out the picture to the right -

Chaplin Elementary School, located in Chaplin, CT

Bruce Park -

Greenwich, CT - to the right

We provide extensive 2-D and color 3-D imaging

Have a unique feature you want modeled? Get us a photo - custom design is their specialty

Professional Installation is available or you can self-install

We require site access for a small crane/heavy duty fork-reach

Larger products require concrete pads for footings - while some of the smaller items have the footing "pre-installed" at the manufacturer - we have footing details for each product to get to you immediately