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CPSC 325 - November 2010.pdf CPSC 325 - November 2010.pdf
Size : 1516.154 Kb
Type : pdf

The Above Document - the Handbook for PUBLIC playgrounds  -  CPSC - Download and this is what you REFER to (schools, parks, childcare, etc)

CPSC 324.pdf CPSC 324.pdf
Size : 456.483 Kb
Type : pdf

The Above Document - the Handbook for RESIDENTIAL playgrounds - CPSC - this is for private BACKYARDS - excellent resource

F1487.siuf0301 PG 1.pdf F1487.siuf0301 PG 1.pdf
Size : 92.858 Kb
Type : pdf

Above - this is only Page 1 - of the ASTM 1487-17  Standards. Sneak Preview

Contact www.ASTM.org - this is a document that must be purchased - Log on and just type in the search column for ASTM 1487

* This is a MANUFACTURER's standard

ADA guide.pdf ADA guide.pdf
Size : 1006.731 Kb
Type : pdf

Above is the ADA Guide for Play Areas - published by the US/DOJ.  Trying to navigate the 2010 ADA Standards - and decipher what you can/can not do - is kinda touch - this is a HOW TO document....while this is 99.99% accurate - one thing to note - is the Reference Numbers are not as shown in the 2010 Final.

Follow this Booklet - you will be golden