Costs - contact us for pricing - totally based on location - size of playground...

and what services you want completed

Starting at $295 - we lump sum if you want several different inspections completed

Using US/CPSC - ASTM 1487 - ASTM 1292 - ASTM 1951

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J.P. LaRue Inc - Certifications

* CPSI - Certified Playground Safety Inspector

* TRIAX - Certified Resilient Surfacing Inspector

* CTRS - Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist

* Rotational Penetrometer - Owner/Operator

* Fully Insured - E/O Insurance

* Offering 3rd party Independent Inspections & Audits

* Regions Served - all of New England; New York; New Jersey and PA

* Outside my normal region is available- contact me for details

What Do We Cover

CPSI - Equipment - Newly installed - or quite old - we examine a multitude of items - including Safe Zones; Protrusions, Entrapments, Entanglements, Signage; Barriers, Guardrails, Swings, Slide Compliance; Age Appropriateness among a slew of others - Let's be sure it was designed and built correctly

CPSI/TRIAX Surfacing - Newly installed or old and weathered - Determine fall resiliency per ASTM 1292 - does your surface still do its job to protect a child when they fall? - Let's check on your warranty periods - did you get what you paid for?

CPSI/CTRS - Accessibility Standards - Rotational Penetrometer to verify loose fill surfacing accessibility; Elevated Play and Ground Level Play - Proper number of Play Types - Suitable Transfer Station - Suitable Ramping....Accessible Routes of travel with propersurfacing